• Why not?
  • No blizzards, hurricanes, thundersnow, snowpocalypse, monster storms. Mediterranean climate: mild and rainy winters, hot and dry summers, comfortable spring and fall, and, generally, extended periods of sunshine throughout the year.
  • Thessaloniki is a mid-size city and can be experienced and enjoyed like a campus. The city center is walkable – 30 minutes by foot from east to west.
  • Home to the longest urban waterfront in Europe, completed in 2014. Walk, run, stroll, ride a bicycle, people-watch, gaze at the water and sunsets.
  • The food! The city was recognized in The New York Times’s 52 Places to Go in 2016, with an emphasis on its food scene.


Me + my laptop = work. Where can this happen?

  • Places to work: co-working spaces, cafes by the waterfront. Campaign partners offer more options, check them out or contact us.


I want to connect with the local community – through volunteering, sharing my skills and perspective, exchanging ideas and knowledge, learning from local people.

  • Growing startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem, and creative economy. Our campaign team and partners will help you connect with them.
  • Active civil society looking for and trying out new ideas. Lots of citizen initiatives and volunteer opportunities in Thessaloniki and surrounding areas, and organizations looking for people who can share some new ideas and expertise!
  • Several local initiatives organize walking tours or alternative tours.
  • The municipality is leading the way in e-governance and open data in Greece, and would like to connect with people who have experience in this area from other countries.


This is not where the Acropolis is!! What do I do for history and culture?  Where will I get my inspiration? Where will I take photos of ancient things?

  • 29 Museums and 15 UNESCO monuments.
  • So many Byzantine churches…


I don’t want to sleep!

  • Thessaloniki ranked 9th in National Geographic’s Top 10 list of travelers’ favorite nightlife destinations around the world in 2015. More: http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/top-10/nightlife-cities/
  • Largest university town in Greece – The city’s main university, Aristotle University, is the largest in Greece and the Balkans.


But sometimes I must sleep, where do I do this.

  • More and more places available on airbnb.


I may want some non-urban time:

  • Beautiful beaches just outside the city, more in Halkidiki about 2 hours away.
  • Day trips! Weekend trips! Mt. Olympus is nearby, less than 2 hours drive. Wineries, beautiful towns, mountain destinations all close by. Meteora is 3-4 hours away. Athens is 5 hours by car, 30 min by plane and RyanAir and Aegean flights are cheap.
  • 43 airlines fly to 81 destinations worldwide in 31 countries, and 35 domestic destinations.


Why should my employer let me do this?

  • Maybe they expressed a commitment to give employees new kinds of benefits, that don’t cost the company something.
  • If your employer is a company or institution that is considering doing business in Greece, or partnering with local players, this is a way to get to know the place and the local ecosystem. Despite the economic and political challenges of the country, Thessaloniki and the wider area is a place with many opportunities.
  • You can share your insights and observations from living in a city and country that is in a stage of transformation, where entrepreneurship, citizen action and civic participation is being redefined. You can share this with colleagues on your return, whether it is directly relevant to your work or just an interesting break from your team’s regular focus.
  • You’ll bring them olives, pastries and other delicious local gifts.


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